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Body Science is a Miami-based company that diagnoses and treats conditions of auto-immunity, inflammation, and genetic mutations including MTHFR. Body Science thrives on a client-focused culture. MTHFR Experts, part of Body Science, endeavors to find and meet our clients’ needs on their unique health journey. We are a team, helping people achieve what they are searching for: better health and wellness.
Our medical director is Dr. Alejandro Ferro, MD, OB-GYN

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What if Your Child's ADHD was reversible?

#1 cause of ADHD is an effect of the toxins children encounter daily. 40% of the population can’t properly digest toxins due to a gene mutation called MTHFR. Without the natural detoxification of the body due to an MTHFR mutation, symptoms upon ingesting these chemicals result in a lack of focus, exhaustion, and other symptoms relating to ADHD. Fixing the MTHFR mutation can, in turn, eliminate the symptoms of ADHD resulting in a more focused and attentive mind.

The best way to reduce your child’s ADHD symptoms is by managing the MTHFR mutation.
• Does your child eat lunch and then feel foggy and less focused afterward?
• Does your child have an aversion to strong smelling chemicals?
If the answer is yes, then an alternative to stimulants and their side effects are available to your children. Treatment of MTHFR varies depending on the child’s genetic mutation or genome.

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Perform the MTHFR mutation test at one of the location of our partner laboratory. To find a testing location near you, enter your address in the link below and click Search. Please contact your preferred draw site directly to confirm hours of operation, appointments, or walk-in services.