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Most of you have been dealing with MTHFR for years and no one seems to have an answer and no matter who you reach out to, the results seem to be the same. 
Let us help you start the journey of feeling better.

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Biome IQ is the only company with a certified line of medical grade supplements designed for MTHFR mutations. Our products exceed the general professional guidelines, offer maximum purity, exceptional absorbability and have been clinically proven.
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Biome IQ’s products are focused on helping individuals with MTHFR mutations get the proper methylation and nutrients they need in order to detoxify their bodies and reduce their symptoms. We are the first company to create genetically specific protocols based on MTHFR gene mutations. Our products are medical grade, meaning they have increased potency, purity, and bioavailability available and provide efficacy and consistency in each dose.