We are a functional medical clinic with a specialized focus on neurodegenerative diseases and the intricate involvement of the immune system in these conditions.

MTHFR? we got answers..

MTHFR Webinar

Specializing in MTHFR and providing valuable information to the community through our blog at www.mthfrexperts.com demonstrates a commitment to educating and supporting individuals dealing with this genetic variation. If you would like to schedule a consultation with our Scientific Director, Amy Jaramillo, Please register as a functional patient and schedule the health discovery session (onsite or zoom meeting). Follow this link: https://www.bodyscience.life/registration

Embracing functional medicine, we adopt a holistic healthcare perspective that delves into the fundamental causes of illnesses, rather than mere symptom management. Concentrating on neurodegenerative diseases and the immune system’s pivotal role, we adopt a comprehensive approach to tackle these intricate conditions.

Our healthcare methodology centers on comprehending the underlying factors contributing to the onset and progression of specific diseases. We acknowledge that many ailments are intricate and multifaceted, and that solely addressing symptoms might fall short of achieving lasting health improvements.

By grasping and confronting these underlying factors, we pave the way for more potent treatment and prevention strategies.

Ultimately, our mission revolves around fostering optimal health and well-being by tackling the foundational factors that contribute to diseases, rather than merely alleviating their symptoms.

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